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Our AWWA certified & licensed backflow specialists are approved to perform the full spectrum of backflow service work in Tracy including cross connection control testing (CCCT) and surveys, backflow testing, repair, replacement, installation and maintanance throughout Tracy.

Backflow Testing In Tracy

Tracy Backflow Testing

Backflow testing in Tracy is required anually by the state of California to ensure continued safety to the Tracy public water supply. Bay Area Backflow is licensed and approved to provide backflow testing in Tracy. If your backflow device is functioning properly and passes testing, the requirements for this year will be complete. If the backflow device fails it must be repaired or, if necessary, replaced. To arrange a time to have backflow testing in Tracy, please use our Tracy backflow testing form or call us toll free at 800-400-1008 or 925-829-3182.

Tracy Backflow Repair

Tracy Backflow Repair

For EMERGENCY Backflow Repair Service in Tracy Call Us At 1-800-400-1008 24 hours a day. Backflow devices have internal parts that open and close, which allows the flow of water. Over time, and depending on the usage of the valve, parts can become worn or damaged. This causes the valve to fail, when tested. The installation of new internal rubber parts in your backflow device will typically correct the problem. Once the repair is complete the valve is tested and certified. To schedule backflow repair in Tracy, please use our online Tracy backflow repair form or feel free to call us directly.

Backflow Replacement in Tracy

Tracy Backflow Replacement

Bay Area Backflow is licensed and certified to perform complete backflow replacement in Tracy. Rust and corrosion along with worn out or non-replaceable parts dictate when replacement of a backflow device is necessary. Typically a backflow device will need to be replaced every 10-12 years. At this time all new regulations and compliance requirements set by your local Water Districts must be met in Tracy. Please use our backflow replacement in Tracy form to schedule a replacement or receive a quote. If you prefer, you may call us toll free at 800-400-1008 or 925-829-3182.

Tracy Cross Connection Testing & Surveys

Tracy Cross Connection Control Testing

We are approved for cross connection control tests in Tracy! Cross connection control surveys help determine if a hazard exists within the water system which could be introduced into the potable water distribution system. To schedule a cross connection control survey for Tracy, please use our online form: Tracy Cross Connection Control Test or call us at 800-400-1008 (within California) or 925-829-3182 to discuss your specific needs with our cross connection control specialists.

*Bay Area Backflow is now certified to perform Cross Connection Control Testing and Surveys throughout California and Nevada.

New Backflow Installations in Tracy

Tracy Backflow Installations

Surveys are performed by your local water districts and if a backflow is required in Tracy, your local water districts will notify you. CA Assembly Bill 1953 (effective 1-10-2010) requires that all domestic water backflow be lead free. All major manufacturers including Wilkins, Febco, Watts, Ames and Flo-Matic have lead free valve that are USC approved for installation. We will make the correct recommendations for your specific job so please use our Tracy backflow installations form to request a quote or schedule a backflow installation in Tracy.

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