Cross Connection Test and Surveys Performed by Licensed AWWA Specialists

Bay Area Backflow, Inc. is certified and licensed to provide cross connection control testing and surveys throughout California and Nevada. In addition to providing these types of services for several years throughout the Greater Bay Area in such cities as San Jose, Milpitas, Mt. View, Hayward, Redwood City, etc. Exciting News: We have expanded our service areas. If you have a project that needs Cross Connection Control Surveys or Testing in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, Napa or anywhere else in California or Nevada we are the right people for the job. Please contact us and request to speak to one of our Cross Connection Control Specialists regarding your project.

We are certified to provide cross connection control surveys throughout California and Nevada which means that if you have recycled water / cross connection control projects in Los Angeles, Palm Springs or anywhere in Southern California we can help! In addition to providing Cross Connection Control Testing in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Milpitas and Mountain View,, Sonoma and Santa Rosa we are now serving cities in Nevada as well. Please contact us for cross connection control projects in Las Vegas and Reno.

The purpose of a Cross Connection Control Survey or Shut-down Test is to determine if a hazard exists within the Consumer’s water system which could be introduced into the potable water distribution system. It is the responsibility of the cross connection control specialist to identify and determine if a deficiency exists, the degree of hazard and recommendation for correction. To evaluate the potential hazards, an onsite inspection and shut down test required. If you are a business in the Medical Field, Manufacturing, Food Processing or use recycled water, etc. you may need or be required to complete a Cross Connection Control Survey and have a cross connection control plan. Please contact us and discuss with our cross connection control specialist your specific concerns or requirements.

Scheduling a Cross Connection Survey

A preliminary onsite meeting will be required to provide a written quote for the work. Once approved, an inspection is scheduled with the customer and arrangements are made for an escort with knowledge of the water distribution system. The escort ensures that any questions that arise concerning the water system can be answered expeditiously. During the inspection the waterlines will be located along with any auxiliary water supplies. A review of any contaminants liquid, solid, or gaseous will be evaluated to determine the degree of hazard as it relates to the water system. The specialist will review the equipment that may require internal backflow protection such as but not limited to boilers, cooling towers, chemical dispensers, laboratory equipment, clean room equipment, fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, recycled water, etc. Where a hazard to the potable water system has been discovered, you will be required to make corrections or install a backflow prevention device at any/all service connections.


Once the survey is completed a detailed report including photos is prepared and submitted to the customer. The report includes details on water uses, equipment present, cross connections, degrees of hazard, backflow prevention equipment present and required, reference to code compliance, and regulations.

Cross connection control testing also includes all of the documentation that is listed above, if applicable and the required sign-off sheet.

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