Backflow Installation

The right equipment for the job allows us to work safely and efficiently. Bay Area Backflow has a dedicated backflow installation truck and team. For backflow installations on larger jobs, 3" - 12", our truck is equipped with a hoist that will lift up to 6000 lbs. This allows us to safely and professionally replace large backflows with less down time to your water supply.

Surveys are performed by your local water district. If a backflow is required, they will notify you. The size of the required backflow is determined by the size of the water meter (i.e. A 2" water meter requires a 2" backflow; a 6" water meter requires a 6" backflow, etc.).

The California Administrative Code of Regulations, Title 17 and your local water company specifies the exact location and what type of backflow prevention device must be installed to protect the public drinking water systems from contamination. Commercial, industrial, and multi-family dwellings all are required to provide the proper backflow protection. Typically a reduced pressure principal device on the potable or irrigation and either a double check detector assembly or reduced pressure principal detector assembly device on fire service lines is the proper protection.


The backflow device is not allowed to be installed in the public right of way. Your water purveyor requires it be installed as close to the meter as possible, typically within 18" of the back of the sidewalk or meter. All devices are required to be installed above finished grade and have a min. height clearance of 12-36". There must be adequate clearance on all sides for testing and maintenance and must be tested when installed and annually thereafter.

Lead Free Laws

California Assembly Bill 1953 (effective 1-10-2010) and new Federal Laws that went into effect in 2014 require that all potable, irrigation and fire service backflow be lead free. All major manufactures including Wilkins, Febco, Watts and Ames have lead-free valves that are USC approved for installation.

With 38 years of experience Bay Area Backflow Inc. will make the proper recommendations for your specific job. Give one of our Customer Service Coordinators a call and we will have a backflow installation specialist do a site visit, discuss your job and provide a proposal.