Low Cost Backflow Protection

Backflow devices are typically located next to or behind the sidewalk and are at risk of being tampered with, vandalized or stolen. A broken shut-off valve, test cocks, and freezing or stolen valve could leave your property without water until a repair specialist can be dispatched. This type of emergency repair is costly and can be prevented with a low cost investment of an insulated backflow cover and/or security enclosure.

Insulated Covers

Backflow device covers are made from a heavy-duty rubberized vinyl material and are fully insulated with R-13. All covers are water, mildew, fire, and UV resistant. They are machine double stitched and have a nickel-plated grommet for installation of a padlock. The standard color is Forest Green to blend with the landscape. Stocked sizes are 34"- 2" (up to 45") and available for immediate installation on your backflow device. Custom sizes are available on a special order basis and 7-14 days. Insulated covers are not protection against theft of your backflow device but will protect against freezing, tampering or vandalism.

Expanded Metal Enclosures

Backflow enclosures are the most secure way to protect your device from theft, vandalism or water theft. There are a couple types of metal enclosures which are available in a variety sizes of sizes, shapes, and colors. The standard enclosure is powder-coated forest green. All come with the necessary hardware for installation and are equipped with "lock guard system" which is vandal resistant.

  1. The most common backflow device enclosure is made of 112" x 112" x 316" steel angle for the structure and 112" #9 expanded metal for the sides and top. This product is also available in dual swing or clam sheet configurations for larger units or multiple backflow installations that are in close proximity to each other.
  2. The rolled or tubular backflow enclosure is made of 114" diameter frame and 12" #13 mesh expanded metal for the sides and top.

Recently, water theft has become an increasing issue at commercial properties. The best way to elimenate this problem is with a security enclosure. Up until now fire service backflows have not been permitted to have this type of protection. However, on a case by case basis the fire marshalls have been allowing security enclosures to be installed. Give us a call and we can help you try to resolve this issue.

Backflow protective enclosure installation is available within our service area. The most complete protection for your backflow device is to combine the insulated cover with a protective enclosure. This will provide years of uncompromised security and protection.

Contact us with your specific concerns we will make the proper recommendation to provide you with a product that fits your needs.