Backflow Repair

Backflow assemblies have internal parts that open and close allowing water flow. Over time, and depending on the usage of the valve, parts can become worn or damaged. This causes the valve to fail or leak. The installation of new internal rubber parts in your backflow assembly will typically correct the problem. Once the repair is complete the valve is tested and if in compliance, certified.

A backflow tester license is not a license to repair backflow devices. To be a full service provider of all backflow testing, repairs, replacements, or installations, Bay Area Backflow Inc. is required to hold a state of California plumbing contractor's license.

We use only genuine OEM manufacturers parts, purchased from reliable manufacturers wholesalers in the repair of the backflow assembly. The major manufacturers of backflow devices and their parts are Wilkins, Febco, Watts, Ames, Conbranco, FloMatic, etc. Certain water purveyors and the state of California require that when an existing backflow assembly fails that contains lead, the existing device be replaced with an approved lead-free assembly. If you are in a jurisdiction that requires replacement in lieu of attempted repairs, we will provide you with an estimate to replace the device. However, if you are in a jurisdiction that allows the device to be repaired, we will attempt the repairs and if completed will document the parts used and the results of the backflow test on the required test /certification form. Once the device is in compliance or within 3-5 days of testing, the original report is submitted to the water purveyor as notification of compliance or failure. Unfortunately, even after attempting repairs, not all devices are repairable and may need to be replaced. If your backflow is an older assembly (10 - 15 years), we will make the correct recommendation for replacement.

Send us your backflow test report forms and we will provide you with a written proposal for the work that is required along with any recommendations that may be necessary. Allow us to show you what customer service is really like.