Backflow Testing

Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers are licensed by AWWA (American Water Works Association), ABPA (American Backflow Prevention Association) etc. Each water purveyor determines which licensing is accepted by them. Licensing is granted to the tester after he or she has completed a training class, accumulated enough contact hours and knowledge to pass a very extensive written test along with demonstrating their knowledge by passing a performance exam.

A backflow tester license is valid for three years, at which time they must take both the written and hands-on test again to prove their knowledge and abilities.

Bay Area Backflow, Inc. technicians go through an extensive training and evaluation program for backflow testing and repairs of approximately 3-6 months. Upon satisfactory completion of this program the tester then uses those skills to provide our customers with exceptional backflow testing, repair, or replacement services.

A backflow gauge is required to test a backflow device. Our technicians use a MidWest gauges which are calibrated and serviced annually for accuracy. Backflow testers are responsible for the precision of all testing and completion of the required reports which are submitted to the local water purveyor.